Why Does My Eczema Not Go Away? [Explained]

WHY DOES MY ECZEMA NOT GO AWAY?The biggest challenge to treating eczema is NOT the lack of a solution, but the lack of discipline and motivation to keep pushing.

We often dive into a superiorly clean diet and get all pumped up but eventually lose momentum after a few weeks of either hardship or not seeing immediate results.

The question goes: I’m in the diet now, now what? Why isn’t my eczema going away? 

Here are some common challenges I’ve gathered:

  • Why isn’t my eczema healing despite doing the right things?
  • Why does my eczema stay on a plateau even on a correct diet?
  • Why do I get digestive symptoms e.g. constipation, bloating, excessive gas?

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5 Easy Ways to Start Your Eczema Recovery Plan NOW!

After having been released from the deep-end of the eczema cycle, I sometimes find it difficult to step back into the shoes of those who are still there (suffering from eczema).

Recently, I talked to a few friends and acquaintances and here’s what I discovered.

  1. They are shocked at how dieting ACTUALLY matters. Even if they’ve tried, most people rarely persist through a fair amount of time to see any recovery.
  2. They believe in most eczema myths. Don’t eat seafood at all because they are pro-allergenic. Drink more water and your skin will become more moist. (These are misleading),
  3. They generally don’t care and don’t plan. This part struck me most. If you know there’s a way out, why are you not giving it a shot? Perhaps they think it’s too good to be true?

Number 3 is my focus today. I want to talk about one of the most challenging aspects of eczema recovery: how to take the first actions to start, and after that, how to further your plan (by having one first).

It seems repetitive to more experienced readers, but I believe this serves everyone as either a fresh or an important reminder to take action.

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Four Stages of Eczema Recovery (Did You Skip Any?)

GThumbnail - 1o ahead and “heal” eczema – whatever that means to you.

You probably know “leaky gut” or “paleo.” Conventional treatment is misdirected. The key is gut-based solutions backed up by nutritional science.

The problem: we know so many concepts and diets which (probably) work, except we don’t pay attention to how our body heals in terms of stages.

Creating questions like:

  • When EXACTLY will my eczema heal?
  • How come all you do is conveniently say “it depends”?
  • Is Paleo, gluten-free, or dairy-free, etc, better?
  • “I seem to be stuck. It’s not improving.” Why?

There are four universal stages of eczema recovery. Understanding will stop you from jumping around places – saves you a lot of time and unnecessary suffering.

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12 Annoying Eczema Contradictions That Seriously Need to Stop

Thumbnail - 5 full hoverAsk any Hong Kongese, they’ll gag-reflex you with “eczema is caused by excess humidity!

Ask an Australian, it’s the heat. Scandinavian, sunlight deficiency.

Yes, stereotypes. Since we don’t know too much, might as well believe “what they say” – right?

Junky eBooks, media and unsupported opinions often anchor some one particular chemical, GMO, or quote, and branch off simple questions into contradictory answers resulting in: divided beliefs.

Ban sugar but what about fruit sugar?

Eat fermented vegetables but don’t kimchi have nightshades?

Cut lactose but probiotic yoghurt?

Too many ‘truths’ today. Let me clarify them for you.

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10 Day Water Fast (Again. Because it works.)

Pre-fast and post-fast comparison of my left arm patches.

I water fasted 3 days last year. Results? Not too exciting.

They say… persistence is key.

So I didn’t eat for 10 days straight this month. Just water and rest.

Unlike last time, this fast showed much more noticeable changes, especially that it fixed my digestion. Good news for eczema sufferers is – if you fast for 10 days, I guarantee your itches will be next to zero.

Key points:

  • How and Why Fasting Removes Eczema
  • Why did I fast?
  • My 10-Day Water Fasting Daily Journals (with pictures)
  • Chronic Constipation Gone!
  • Fasting Pros & Cons
  • How to Water Fast (in 200 words)
  • Special Note to Eczema Sufferers

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Eliminating eczema step by step