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Hi, my name is Harrison Li and I come from Hong Kong. I have been an eczema sufferer for 10 years until I eliminated my eczema in 2013.

I found a solution to eczema.

It wasn’t any magical secret overnight fix, it took a little over 6 months, but this method rid me of eczema completely.

Because I know how frustrating, disgusting, annoying it is to have dry, cracked, bleeding wounds on the skin repeatedly, how much you hate yourself having those itchy spots and how humiliating it is in social scenarios, I decided to document my natural approach that had cured my eczema.

Contrary to the myth “eczema cannot be cured, it can only be controlled.” it is wrong and it is possible to eliminate it – my restored skin is a living proof.

Why Cure Eczema Slowly?

The reason behind the word slowly is because to fully, naturally and effectively cure eczema, it does not happen very fast, obviously it depends on how long the patient has had it, the fastest cure will still take a month.

Why slowly? Because I believe that is the right word that truly describes the healing process of eczema. It takes serious time.

Who should read this blog?

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On this blog, I publish information that will help eczema patients learn more about the disease and what they would love to know about improving their skin condition.

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