Alternative Treatments For Eczema That Work

alternative treatments for eczema
Alternatives can beat conventions.

If you’re looking for alternative treatments for eczema, you’re probably fed up with conventional Western steroidal medicines that ruin you long-term.

Even though steroidal drugs work extremely fast, they only really suppress the inflammatory symptoms, which simply delay the bound-to-happen itches.

Here are possible alternative medicines and treatments that will help you improve your eczema skin…

…without side effects.

Here’s What A Few Studies Discovered

“Stress, either physical or emotional, can worsen atopic dermatitis. Stress has been shown to directly slow the healing of the skin barrier in one elegant study (Muizzuddin, 2003). Even more compelling, in another study, psychosocial stress and sleep deprivation were found to disrupt skin barrier function in healthy patients (Altemus, 2001). Thus, it is possible that some forms of alternative medicine could help atopic dermatitis by decreasing stress, something for which allopathic medicine offers very limited options.”


In other words, there is practical evidence that suggest apart from conventional steroidal creams, alternative treatments for eczema do exist and here are 2 key factors that affect our skin:

1. Psychosocial Stress

Simply put, stress is a key determinant of how bad your skin can get, how itchy your eczema can get and so on.

Stress examples: pressure from your boss, stress from work, not enough time with family, not enough money to pay off debts…etc.

To me, stress isn’t much of a problem because I accept the reality and I use relaxation tricks such as deep breathing.


  1. just breathe
    Just breathe.

    Close your eyes and forget about everything that’s going on in life.

  2. Slowly inhale air through your nose while expanding your gut.
  3. Make sure you are having the most air you can hold so that you can feel your lungs at its maximum, hold it in for three seconds.
  4. Slowly exhale air through your mouth while closing in your gut.
  5. Repeat 3-5 times.

Simple and effective.

Also, you can consider hypnosis, massages and acupressure.

2. Amount of Sleep

There’s this saying, if you want to kill someone slow and painful, deprive them of sleep.

Human beings can go for long without food, but not sleep. Sleep is a crucial moment every day that our vital organs need to take a rest and do maintenance.


Sleep early, wake up early. I normally sleep at 11pm and wake around 8-9 hours after.

The Fastest Alternative Treatment For Eczema

Excluding the use of steroids, the fastest way to treat eczema is fasting (no pun intended).

Many people in the world have cured themselves of diseases by fasting as it allows the body to heal itself without interruption from digestion.

Check out this person who cured his eczema with a 16 days straight water-only fast.

However, this can be dangerous and harmful to your health if not done properly.

The Slow But Effective Way To Treat Eczema

There are numerous ways to treat eczema without side effects. Natural methods are slow but effective because they cure the problem via its root.

If you are serious about eliminating your eczema, I highly suggest you use the natural approach of dietary changes combined along with other habitual changes to heal your body from within.

I believe this piece on dieting for eczema will help you understand more.

Eliminating eczema step by step