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Public Speaking, Hong Kong (2017)

Communication excites me—on this website, I strive to break down eczema elimination into simple steps. (Photo: Hong Kong 2017)

Problems of 21st century eczema sufferers:

  • Steroids clearly don’t work.
  • Marketers without personal experience hard-sell you random health products for commission.
  • Tons of conflicting information online on how best to fix eczema (e.g. supplements, Paleo diet, steroids).

If I’m not mistaken, you want a person who KNOWS how to eliminate eczema, and CARES about you until you or your close ones successfully recover. This is exactly what this website is all about.

I have 12+ years of experience dealing with eczema. Had it since 6, suffered it for ten years. Learned how to reverse it since 2013 and have been running this web resource as a side project ever since (and probably for life).

Why are you here? I can eliminate your and yours from eczema.

  • I don’t write sales copy — I’m not going to “gift” you a rubbish eBook to capture your email, send you more BS, and one day sell you something I have never used and tell you that’s the only solution to eczema.
  • I expect you to unsubscribe once your eczema has recovered — that’s my goal.

Why should you care about this Newsletter?

  • Summarized actionable steps you can use to get started on reversing eczema today. I will send you these tips over 28 days via email once you subscribe below. (Scroll down for more details).
  • As I’m still in University, this is a part-time commitment. Due to time, I can’t offer consultations. Hence, my way of communicating to you is via this blog, Facebook, and email.
  • In 2017, 250 million eczema patients exist worldwide. I can’t help everyone 1 on 1 especially when many discussions overlap so I decided to compile all essentials into a book for simplicity called The Eczema Manual. I don’t hard-sell it. In fact, the instructions on the website is sufficient to reverse eczema.

My goal is simple: simplicity and eczema elimination.

At the end of 28 days, I’ll email you to see if you’re interested to purchase the book, for your own use or gift to someone you know who has eczema. My mission is to spread the solution to the world and I’ll need your support to achieve that. (It’s up to you of course).

So here’s how the Newsletter works:

Week 1: The Eczema Series (Three Videos)

The Eczema Series (Three Videos)

The Eczema Series (Three Videos)

Video 1: Ready to start?

  • Steroid creams: friend or foe?
  • Do genetics really determine your fate?
  • Finally… a clear understanding of what causes eczema!

Video 2: 4 really common myths…

  • Eczema largely a seasonal problem?
  • Can you “grow out of” eczema?
  • Avoid typical allergens, avoid eczema. Or… avoiding the solution?
  • Diet dilemmas. “Diet A sometimes works. Diet B also kind of works.”

Video 3: A solution summary.

  • As simple as possible: what to eat?
  • How to authentically boost recovery speed
  • The SES Trio: non-dietary factors you ought to know
  • How long does it take? The 4 stages of eczema recovery

Week 2: Booklet, Action Sheet, Private Content

The Answer Booklet: 13 Eczema Questions You've Always Want Answered Truthfully

The Answer Booklet: 13 Eczema Questions You’ve Always Want Answered Truthfully

After the three videos, I’ll send you these useful and actionable checkpoint guides.

  1. The Answer Booklet. Entitled “13 Eczema Questions You’ve Always Want Answered Truthfully.” Here I give quick answers to FAQs of new eczema patients such as:
    1. Can I use oral steroids or steroid creams?
    2. Can I use any non-steroidal drugs?
    3. What’s the best way to bathe for an eczema patient?
    4. Does eczema have a cure?
  2. Action Sheet. Combined with the information you researched elsewhere on eczema elimination, at this point it’s essential to identify yourself on which phase of eczema you’re at and what your next steps will be — this action sheet does exactly that.
  3. Private List. All subscribers who join the CureEczemaSlowly readership receives a link to exclusive content area access for updated resources, refined content, and eczema guides.

Week 3-4: Actionable Skin Tips (5 Concise & Informative Emails)

One of my personal meals in the highly restricted diet (I didn’t know about nightshades back then).

  1. Skin Tip #1: Don’t go near these chemicals again…
  2. Skin Tip #2: 7 pro-eczema foods to avoid…
  3. Skin Tip #3: 8 groups of eczema-safe food
  4. What to eat, when to eat, how to eat.
  5. Non-dietary aspects (the other half of the battle)

After 28 Days: Lifetime Updates (Until you recover and unsubscribe)

After one month of information on how to eliminate eczema, I will continue you to send you updates on eczema resources and monthly articles. Everything is written to get you closer to your goals until you recover and unsubscribe.

Join the CureEczemaSlowly readership below:

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