Salicylates Food Guide

One of the cornerstones of an eczema diet is to consumer low-chemical foods.

For context, despite the factory-feeling of the term “chemicals,” food chemicals are found in nature with salicylates being one of the major culprits in triggering potential eczema outbreaks.

The salicylates food guide is broken into two major food groups: vegetables and fruits. Then categorized by salicylate potency: low, medium and high, very high.

  • (NS) means no low or negligible amounts of salicylates
  • (A) means amines potency
  • (G) means MSG potency

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Salicylates Food Guide


Low Medium High Very High
White potato Asparagus Alfafa Avocado (A)
Iceberg lettuce Beetroot Artichoke Basil
Bamboo shoots Bok choy Avocado, just ripe (A) Broadbeans (A)
Bean shoots Carrot Broccoli (A) (G) Capsicum
Brussel sprouts Cucumber, peeled Cauliflower (A) Chicory
Cabbage Kumara Corn (G) Chili
Celery Lettuce Cucumber Choy sum (A)
Chives Marrow Endive Eggplant (A)
Choko Parsnip Fennel Mustard greens
Garlic Green Peas (NS) Gai lan (A) (G) Herbs & spices
Leek Peas Parsley Chinese spinach (A) (G)
Mungbean sprouts Potato Pumpkin Olives (A)
Onion Pumpkin, butternut, squash Radicchio, butternut, squash (A) Onion
Swede Sweet potato Radish Pickled veggies (A) (G)
Turnip Rocket (A) Mint
Zucchini, peeled Snow pea sprouts Mushrooms (A) (G)
Spring onion Sauerkraut (A) (G)
Tomato (A) (G) Seaweed (A) (G)
Water chestnut Spinach (A) (G)
Watercress Tomato (A) (G)
Zucchini Truffles (A) (G)
Veggie drinks, powder (A) (G)



Low Medium High Very High
Pears, peeled, ripe Apple, peeled, ripe: Golden Delicious, Red Delicious Apple, peeled: Bonza, Fuji, Gala, Granny Smith, Jonathan, Pink Lady, Sundowner Avocado, soft (A)
Loquat Apricot Berries: blackberries, boysenberries, cranberry, raspberry (A)
Pear Avocado, just ripe Blackcurrant (A)
Nashi pear Banana, ripe (NS) Cherry (A)
Banana, just ripe (NS) Berries: blueberry, mulberry Citrus (A)
Custard apple (A) Date (A)
Dragon fruit Dried apple, apricot, peach
Durian Dried banana, pawpaw (NS)
Feijoa (A) Dried currants, dates, figs, mango (A)
Fig (A) Dried prunes, raisins, sultanas (A) (G)
Guava Fruit confectionery (A) (G)
Grape, peeled (A) (G) Fruit flavours, jams, jellies (A) (G)
Jackfruit Grapes (A) (G)
Longan Kiwi fruit (A)
Lychee Passionfruit (A)
Mango (A) Pineapple (A)
Nectarine Plum (A) (G)
Papaya (NS) Redcurrant (A)
Pawpaw (NS) Strawberry
Peach Tomato, dried, paste, sauce (A) (G)


Note: While a low-chemical diet is essential, consuming less salicylates alone is not enough. An effective dietary protocol must be integrated and comprehensive.

Please read this article for an effective eczema diet breakdown.

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