Should You Really Use Cortisone Creams For Eczema?


Good or Bad?

Cortisone cream is often the first treatment recommended by doctors to eczema sufferers.

The medicine works fast but there are risks and side effects, should your really be using cortisone cream for you eczema?

Eczema is an abnormal skin inflammation.

The dry skin comes along with uncontrollable itches that furthermore ruin the skin tissues. Here’s more information on steroid creams and why I strongly disagree using them.

How Cortisone Creams Work

Cortisone creams are composed of corticosteroids, a class of chemicals that contains steroid hormones and are naturally produced by your body. These hormones influence inflammatory responses.

In other words, cortisone creams work by stopping the natural response of your body so that the inflammatory signals are suppressed and the itches and rashes never come.

That’s the reason why steroidal creams work so fast, they almost instantly block the hormones behind your inflammation.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Cortisone

If you really want to get rid of itches and eczema permanently, then don’t use cortisone creams. Why?

Because steroidal creams temporarily suppress your symptoms, and the toxins from your body are simply delayed for their eventual responses that are bound to happen anyway.

Problem 1) Delayed Response

In other words, as soon as you stop the steroid treatments, your eczema symptoms will come back, multiple times worse and most likely spread to more places (happened to me too).

Problem 2) Physiological Weakening

Other that the delaying problem, prolonged use of cortisone creams on your skin will promote skin thinning and weakened cells tissues. Would you really want to get a huge purple bruise as soon as you are lightly hit with an object?

Problem 3) Addiction & Reliance

Another problem is, the longer you use the steroid drugs, the more you’re prone to addiction. The problem with this addiction isn’t just about the money, it’s also about needing more doses and stronger doses as time gradually pass by, as your skin and body begins to tolerate the drugs. It happens.

The Right Way to Eliminate Eczema

natural healing

The Natural Approach

If these creams are bad, so what’s the right way to eliminate eczema?

The truth is, Western medical history believes that eczema is incurable and that you can only suppress its symptoms with fast-acting temporary drugs like cortisone creams. However, natural medicine practitioners believe that a cure exists, as I do, as I’m a living proof.

Eczema is complicated.

If you were ever to ask me if eczema was curable, I would give you a solid yes, and how? The solution is through slow but permanent dietary changes and other habits that eliminate eczema via its root cause.

Here’s more information on the truth about eczema and dieting.

(Read that if you’re serious about curing eczema)

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