Is Eczema Itchy? 5 Ways to Stop Itchy Eczema (Right Now)

itchy eczema

Itching (Pruritus)

Eczema is characterized by dry, inflamed and bloody skin. But is it itchy? Do people with affected spots of eczema feel any urges to scratch?

The solid answer is yes.

In fact, itching is the main problem that ruins the life of people suffering from eczema, it’s the scratches that break the skin open and cause all the horrible looking wounds.

Because of that, I’ve compiled 5 ways for you to stop itchy eczema.

1. Shower The Proper Way

People with eczema need to learn how to shower the right way, or as in the best way to prevent skin evaporation of natural body oils as well as moisture.

The maximum time of a shower should be 10 minutes.

And the best temperature for the water should be the coolest, and if not, sometimes it’s hard to endure it in winter, go for lukewarm for the maximum.

Also, don’t use tools to help wash your body, only gentle rubs with your palms.

2. Stop Using Shampoos & Body Wash

Shampoos and body washes are packed with high amounts of chemicals, fragrances, cleansing chemicals and all these artificial substances that are harmful to our delicate and sensitive eczema skin.

The solution to this problem is, either stop using shampoos (like I have) and limit body wash to absolutely necessary parts of the body.

Or, use only products made with organic ingredients.

3. Control The Humidity

The climate in your environment plays an important role in regulating your skin health and itchiness.

Many places on Earth, also, due to seasonal changes can get very damp or very dry. Either way, what you should do is:

Install a humidifier and a dehumidifier and bring the levels back to the optimal middle.

4. Control The Temperature

Just like the first point, you have to control the temperature due to seasonal changes.

The solution would be, to use an air conditioner to bring the extremes of temperature into the middle.

5. Apply Topical Itch Busters

Common sense suggests that whenever something happens to your skin, you should apply a coat of drugs on to it from the pharmacy.

The fastest itch busters are steroid creams. However, I strongly disagree with using them.

They work fast, but they are extremely dangerous to your eczema health, it may give you a few days of happiness, but that follows up with a few weeks of pain.

Use purely organic itch busters for example: aloe vera, licorice and chickweed topical treatments. These are all great herbal treatments for eczema.

Bonus Tip: Never Use Cortisone Creams For Eczema

Steroid creams work magically fast on stopping itches but that’s because they temporarily suppress how your hormones (that regulate inflammatory responses) function.

Once you stop the steroids, your body will resume the inflammatory responses and it’s going to be even more painful with more itches.

Here’s a great piece for you: should you really use cortisone creams for eczema?

The Best Way to Stop Itchy Eczema Skin


Stop it permanently.

Itches come because your body is elevating its inflammatory responses. But if they keep on coming back after one itch and another, there’s something wrong with you.

If you don’t treat your eczema itches seriously, you’ll face long-term torture by this skin disease.

What’s the best way to cure eczema permanently?

Only dietary changes can help you with that.

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