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There are always people who solve problems, and so I’ve created an answer booklet in PDF form that I can send you right away.

What Are Those 13 Eczema Questions?

  1. Can I use oral steroids or steroid creams?
  2. Can I use any non-steroidal drugs?
  3. If I have eczema, does that mean I also have an allergy?
  4. What foods should I avoid if I have eczema?
  5. How can I prevent my eczema from getting worse?
  6. How can I stop, or at least minimize itching?
  7. How can I moisturize my skin, internally and externally?
  8. What’s the best way to bathe for an eczema patient?
  9. Are there any supplements that can be taken to help?
  10. Is it possible to grow out of my eczema?
  11. Who can I get professional eczema help from?
  12. What are the causes to eczema?
  13. Does eczema have a cure?

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  • comment-avatar
    Mancy grioli 18/10/2013 (23:08)

    please help me with my eczema .

    • comment-avatar
      Harrison Li 19/10/2013 (16:11)

      Hey Mancy, yes I definitely can, this is the purpose of my blog. I’ve just shot you an email.

  • comment-avatar
    Emma 15/11/2013 (07:21)


    i just tried to subscribe, but i didn’t get the email. and the website won’t let me redo it, any advice on where can I get the book?(could really use some advice, cause I’m in a kinda desperate position)


    • comment-avatar
      Harrison Li 18/11/2013 (22:07)

      Hey Emma, I’ve just resubscribed you, you should now receive an email with a confirmation link; perhaps check the junk section as sometimes good emails get accidentally filtered. If you still don’t see it, just let me know and I’ll send you the stuff.

  • comment-avatar
    Loretta Savard 26/02/2014 (12:40)

    My niece has eczema. ..shes 18yrs old
    her parents have tryed many things to no avail
    her skin looks like a burn….can you help? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

    • comment-avatar
      Harrison Li 02/03/2014 (17:04)

      Hey Loretta, I’d love to help but I’d need more information about her before I can do that. When did she have eczema? What has she tried? What are her typical diets?

  • comment-avatar
    Melissa 22/03/2014 (07:04)

    You mention that bathing is bad. Can you tell us your position on wet-wrapping? We bathe our daughter for 15-20 minutes then wet wrap her for at least 2 hours. Her skin is very soft after doing these – we no longer have a very dry skinned daughter. At the same time, her eczema is of course still there and she is often very itchy, so we know it’s not in any way a cure.

    • comment-avatar
      Harrison Li 22/03/2014 (21:58)

      Hey Melissa,
      Bathing is bad because prolonged exposure to water, the skin cells lose its naturally produced oils. While right after bathing, the skin feels very soft, it is temporary because the moisture hasn’t fully evaporated away. This is the same concept as wet-wrapping, the wrapped area will be moist as long as it’s there, but once it’s taken away the extension of moisture will evaporate away, doing this long term can weaken those areas because the body can adapt to it. Otherwise, water-contact activities don’t seem to be a big part to your daughter’s eczema, then it’s internal.

      Keep in touch,

  • comment-avatar
    Mahdi 20/04/2014 (10:48)

    Been suffering with eczema for the pas 4-5 years, seems to have gotten worse each year.
    I have it on like 70% of my skin, i use steroid creams but have been cutting down on them since reading articles online over the past few weeks.
    Glad to hear you have found a cure yourself mate :), I have read your blog and it sounds great and i have subscribed, im praying this is my cure too.
    Any extra advice you could give me?,i get small red spots and a bad itch and it always gets worse from that starting point to the extent its now really bad, i have had to cut out sports of my life which i loved to as well.
    ps recently its spread to my face, any advice on that too?.

    • comment-avatar
      Harrison Li 20/04/2014 (16:40)

      Hey Mahdi,

      It’s great to know you, and helping is my pleasure too!

      Having eczema on 70% of you shows a quite strong toxification, and even with steroids, that’s a lot. But there’s a solution, don’t worry. I had it before too. First, by cutting down your steroidal doses gradually is definitely the best first move. Continue that and eventually use none. Throw them away. Your skin is bound to get even worse when you stop, but that’s the only way out.

      There are four main components in curing eczema: dietary, exercising, sleep and stress. Obviously, dietary changes will be hard to adjust but it’s a critical step. Many people often ask me where they should start and how, so I wrote about it here.

      Well, itchy spots always begin on a certain spot, from experience, they don’t go away naturally until your skin internally decides not to use that as the “itchy patch.” I’ve had to cut out sports (basketball) from my life earlier too, but mind you, exercise is extremely important, because physical activity and sweating will promote detoxification, and it is essential for eczema recovery.

      As for the spreading on to the face, if your eczema decides to go there, there’s no way to stop it in the short-term. But I can offer some suggestions, if your face gets dry, limit shower time, limit showering temperature to cold water. Furthermore, take a shower once every two days. As unhygienic as it sounds, having more oily and moist skin is the better option. You may also apply some ointments, but nothing steroidal or chemical. I use herbal ointments with purely natural ingredients. You can consider coconut oil, shea butter and other natural alternatives. And for itching, there are external measures to bust the itches, some strange but effective.

      I hope this works. Please let me know if there’s anymore I can help.

      Harrison Li

      • comment-avatar
        Mahdi 21/04/2014 (04:57)

        Yeah thanks man!, i just starting dieting a few days ago and your right its not easy haha but i will stick with it, sleep has also been bad this year but having read your article on it i will ensure i get enough from now on.
        Hopefully i can reduce the stress to with summer around the corner, thanks for the advice 🙂 !.

        • comment-avatar
          Harrison Li 21/04/2014 (18:38)

          No worries, just glad I can help 🙂 Update me in the future, I’d love to hear about your progress!

  • comment-avatar
    Mahdi 22/04/2014 (03:35)

    Yeah will do mate , Thanks for the advice :)! i will try to stick with your guidelines and diet tips.
    But regarding Food, is brown bread good or bad?,i have already cut out white bread a few weeks ago.

    • comment-avatar
      Harrison Li 22/04/2014 (21:52)

      No worries. My pleasure to help 🙂 Brown bread is definitely better than white bread because white bread is processed and has a lower nutritional profile. But both products derive from wheat, which has gluten. If you want a complete wipe of toxins in the body, do a 3-month (at least) restriction diet away from any gluten products.


    • comment-avatar
      Aziz 20/02/2015 (23:38)

      Hey Mahdi.
      I found out this blog few weeks ago and I started the high restricted diet.
      Did u complete the 6 months diet course? And how r u now? I would to hear from people who went through this diet medication.
      Waiting for your reply. Thanxxx